Sunday, April 4, 2010

If I Were In Charge of SSF4

Note: After discussing some of these points with Seth, he informed me of the pull and push process of getting changes into the game. You can't have everything!

Game System:
  • Different animations and effects for chip death and for focus death (not enough remaining health to focus) for more immediate feedback of "why did I just die?" and less confusion.
  • Alternate "Reversal" message given for wakeup focus attacks and reversal backdashes to encourage players to learning more advanced tactics such as backdash punishing OS's.
  • Reversals don't need to break focus. I've tried to focus a couple too many reversal upballs and headbutts... it's a very strange rule seemingly to created to discourage charging focus as okizeme, which is a bad idea already for plenty of other reasons.

  • Change the button configuration screen to something that doesn't take 10 years, and also to something that Japanese players can come to America and understand.
  • Allow for choosing of character and color BEFORE a match is set up in Championship mode a la VF-- it's blind pick anyway, right? Cut down on the few times of accidental Abel / Ryu selection because of one too many mashed A inputs. Of course, Ultra selection is offered after the matchup is revealed.
  • More context-sensitive playback of rival music, instead of ALWAYS playing P2 characters' music every time:
  • In Versus, play after one player has a win streak of 5 at least
  • In Championship Mode, play during championship match (each player hears his opponents' music)

Chun Li:

Medium kicks-- Currently, back+MK is the target combo starter, neutral MK is the AA, and toward+MK is the stepkick. Any change to this would really be great:
  • If the TC kick and the stepkick were switched, Chun would be able to move forward while maintaining back charge.
  • If the TC kick and the AA were switched, Chun would be able to AA long-range Rufus dives and immediately pressure with fireballs while he's resetting.
Stomp kicks-- Currently, only down+MK activates stomps, whereas d/b+ or d/f+MK does not. This is to allow Chun players to jump in from range with the very long-reaching while maintaining both down and backcharge. However, this is sort of a pain in the butt.
  • If stomps were were activated with both down+ and d/f+MK, they'd be much more reliable for use in combos while would still be usable while maintaining charge with d/b.

Jus' sayin'.

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Hector said...

"Reversals don't need to break focus"

Yes they do, or else someone could just level 3 focus you on wake up.

Also, I like the new FADC!

And hopefully you're life game steps up again. :( We don't want to see you leave twice.